Opals Offer Feminine Beauty Well Past The Exterior


Opals are the jewelry stone trend of the season, and with Spring sprouting amongst the shelves of your favorite fashion stores, it’s time to fill your wardrobe with flawless, timeless and colorful jewelry that will complete the season’s appeal of feminine, chic style. There’s much more to know about opals than what meets the eye though. So, let’s see why it’s time for you to welcome these precious jewelry items into your entire attire. You also don’t want to forget to sign up for our newsletter to keep receiving the latest on feminine fashion that can easily be achieved with some chic jewelry.

What are Opals?

For starters, the most common opals are mainly white gemstones that sparkle a variety of different colors when the light hits it from certain angles, which makes them excellent for colorful jewelry pieces. However, they can also come in a grey or black tone. As for the name, opal comes from the word “upala” which means precious stone in Sanskrit – which is exactly what it is. There are copious amounts of varieties of opals, from the common opaque one as described, and all the way to a fiery version.

Opals Provide Inspiration

Every gemstone comes with underlying healing powers that have been practices for centuries. Opal is known as being the stone of inspiration and is believed to provide enhanced imagination and creativity to those wearing this timeless and elegant colorful jewelry piece.  It is also considered to be a water stone which comes with a relaxing energy that allows you to thrive on your life path, regardless of the obstacles that you may face. This relates back to the entire concept of inspiration as you feel inspired to overcome hurdles to achieve the ultimate goal of life; happiness. Additionally, opals are believed to enhance memory and clear the fog and confusion that comes from very day.

The Stone of Love

The beauty of this gemstone certainly isn’t only external. Opals are also considered to be the stones for love, bringing good vibes and unconditional love your way, as well as encouraging it within yourself. It’s the stone that is believed to bring fidelity to your relationship, but the love doesn’t end there. Your self love and appreciation is also sparked when wearing this feminine piece of jewelry. The stone is able to enhance your self esteem and your entire sense of self worth. This is believed to come from the water energy that it illuminates. Opals also bring protection, whether it’s from a dangerous place or a hurtful relationship. It basically keeps your heart solid, and your style on point.

Happy and Healthy

With your love going strong and your energy being positive and inspired, you’ll also be happy to know that there are some medicinal purposes for opals. Traditionally, (and even in today’s modern world) these gemstones are used to heal everything from headaches, to eyesight, Parkinson’s disease, PMS while also maintaining your insulin levels and improving your immune system. So, you feel great and look even more fabulous.

Now, you may not believe in all of the energy and magical healing powers of the timeless and elegant opal stones, but you can certainly see how beneficial they are to your fashion as well. With opals, you can pull off any outfit flawlessly as the varieties offer a spark of feminine style that can’t always be achieved with a piece of clothing. You just can’t ever underestimate what colorful jewelry can do for you, and if all the other benefits follow, then you’re on a stylish and happy path. Subscribe to our newsletter to see what else you can expect from your favorite jewelry pieces and gemstones. It’s time to look and feel glamorous with opals.

Some TLC for your Feminine Opal Jewelry Goes a Long Way

You’ve just purchased the latest and greatest piece of opal feminine jewelry, and you definitely want it to last as timeless as the style does. Now, as you should know, high quality jewelry does need a little bit of TLC – tender, love and care. After all, opal is a precious gemstone, and definitely needs a little more attention than the costume jewelry you purchased at the farmers market this past weekend. So, whether you have some opal pendants, beautiful bangles, elegant earrings or a mixture of all, these opal caring tips will ensure that they remain as beautiful tomorrow as they were the day you purchased them.


Why Care?

As mentioned, opals aren’t some mediocre piece of jewelry that you don’t want to care for. They illuminate a marvelous sparkle and shine that requires just a bit of attention to contain that beauty. Since opals do contain 5-10% water,  they can sometimes become dehydrated and as a result, can lose the stones feminine spark and color which is the true essence of opals. Plus, they are a precious gemstone and not some gold-plated plastic that you can toss to the side at the end of the day. So, give your colorful jewelry some TLC.

Keep It Dark

When it comes to storing your opal colorful jewelry, or even removing it at the day’s end, be sure to always store them in a dark place such as a jewelry box. Since opals naturally come from dark areas, keeping them away from direct sunlight will enhance its longevity and provide you with much more style. The shine and vibrancy won’t wear, and that sparkle won’t die down either. Since there is a bit of water in the stones, they are somewhat alive and need to be cared for properly to keep them thriving.

Check the Weather

Every fashionista knows that the weather forecast can definitely influence your sense of style for the day, and if you plan on wearing your opal jewelry often, you may want to adopt the habit of tuning into the weather station to see what the day ahead of you is looking like. Opals are extremely sensitive to light, and wearing these jewelry pieces in direct sunlight constantly can certainly wear them out. So, if you’re planning a day on the shore, at an outdoor event or even plan on spending long periods of time outside, check that forecast, ladies. Keep in mind that if you only pull out your feminine opals for special occasions, you can generally skip over this caring tip without any worry.

Be Chemical Cautious

You may not always think about removing your opal ring or bracelet before washing your hands, doing the dishes or even wiping down a surface with a cleaning cloth, but you may want to change that. In order to keep these precious gemstones healthy and vibrant, you need to be chemical-cautious as even the slightest amounts can be damaging and can make the stones mat which is a look you don’t want to go for. That’s also not to mention, the damage can often be unrepairable. So, be sure to take off your colorful jewelry before you pick up that bar of soup, jump in the shower or put your hands in soapy water.

If you’ve already been a culprit to doing the opposite of what is recommended to keep your feminine opals stunning, there are some things you can do to try to spark up that shine. Often times, the damage is the result of dehydration within the opals, so you can always place them in a glass of water over night which will allow the stone to absorb some water content and put the moisture back in. The shine will follow and bring your style back to life.

The Truth Behind the Myths About Opals

There’s no point in beating around the bush; there are some myths and superstitions surrounding opals, but because they are such a feminine and stylish piece of colorful jewelry, let’s bust those myths and get down to the facts surrounding this precious gemstone. After all, opals are versatile and can be worn with absolutely anything you desire, and your fashion should never be sacrificed by silly myths. Sign up for our newsletter to keep the fabulous fashion advice coming.

Opals Don’t Need To Be Soaked in Water

It is definitely true that opals can be soaked in water overnight to try to repair damage that has been done to the stone by leaving your opal ring on while doing the dishes or taking a shower. However, it is not required to soak your opal jewelry at all, and especially not frequently. Yes, opals do contain 5-10% water and can become dehydrated if not taken care of properly but soaking them is not a requirement to keep these stones shining and vibrant as they typically can’t soak up much liquid.

Opals Aren’t Extremely Fragile and Prominent to Breakage

The truth is that opals are fragile and even more so than other stones but that does not mean that they are going to break easily, or at all. These stones are said to be as hard as glass, and as long as you’re avoiding extreme manual labor, sporting activities and other actions that can cause bumps and scratches, your colorful jewelry pieces shouldn’t break. Basically, as long as you aren’t bashing around constantly, your opals should be just fine. There is also a myth that wearing opals while on a plane or at a higher altitude will cause them to break. This is wrong, and you can still look fabulous and fly.

Opals Don’t Need Oil

Somewhere out there, the myth started that opals need to be rubbed down or even soaked in baby oil to keep them moist and prevent damage. As mentioned, opals do contain some water content and if they dry out, cracking can happen. However, these stones don’t have the ability to suck in oil like your skin does moisturizer. Rubbing oil on them will just make your opals greasy. Sure, they might look sparkly but they’ll also feel slimy. It may actually do more damage due to the chemical contents in oil. So, you’re better off avoiding it altogether.

Opals Can Get Wet

There is a myth that water touching your feminine opal jewelry will make the stone expand and crack. This isn’t true but it can be for any prolonged exposure to water. So, if you’re swimming or taking a shower, you should certainly be removing your jewelry before doing so, but that is more so due to the chemicals in pools, soaps, lotions etc.

Opals Aren’t Always White

The most common opals are opaque with a shine of rainbow hues, but they can also come in grey and black, with the same range of vibrant tones. These stones can also range from milky appeals to clearer ones, and each have a different value and can even be more valuable than diamonds. Opals are a girl’s new best friend, ladies.

Opals Color Can’t Be Enhanced

Now, listen closely – if you care for your opals properly, the vivid shine will remain prominent. However, there are many myths out there that state that rubbing your colorful jewelry pieces with toothpaste, vaseline, polish, rose water etc. or placing it in a lightening storm can make them brighter. As mentioned previously with the oil, it may provide a temporary gloss on your stones, but it isn’t going to magically make your opals brighter and better. These products can actually do more damage, so its best to avoid them completely and simply care for your opal feminine jewelry from the beginning to ensure that you don’t have to worry about the vibrancy dying down.


Opals Aren’t Bad Luck

They’re the stone of love and inspiration, so there is no way that opals bring bad luck. These old wives tales have actually done a 360 and opals are now seen as a lucky charm and prized for centuries.

Myths and superstitions are fun to read about, but finding out the truth is always excellent – especially when it comes to your sense of style. Opals are feminine stones that will illuminate your entire outfit. If anything, these myths just make the stone even more interesting and an excellent conversation-starter! Subscribe to our newsletter for more fun and fashionable news.

*Fresh of the Press* Our gorgeous gemstone jewelry styled on Sherisse D’Woodly!

I’m in love with this editorial feature in Thrifty Hunter Magazine of Cherisse D’Woodly, wearing our 18kt Gold Vermeil Dual Hex Cuff (with white druzy inlays). I think it looks FABULOUS on her! Talk about the perfect cuff : feminine, simple, colorful and stylish. Our Dual Hex Cuff’s are available in many different colors and gemstones, so be sure to check them out here : http://www.lakaiser.com/collections/gem-collection?page=3. They are part of our best selling”Gem Collection”.

colorful, feminine jewelry
Cherisse wearing out 18kt Gold Vermeil Dual Hex Cuff

A Low-key Valentine’s Day and Gift Ideas for all the single ladies out there!

It's that time of year again ;) Show the love, show the love!
It’s that time of year again 😉 Show the love, show the love!

Some of you may LOVE Valentines Day and some of you may be dreading it! I’m sure that we all have shared those mixed feelings about Valentines day at some point during our lives (rewind in time to when you were in High School and the delivery man came to school delivering red roses…did you cringe in fear of not getting a rose or were you terribly excited for what was to come?). Honestly, I’m not a huge Valentines Day fan at all and I have never been one. Everything is so hyped up and over priced on February 14th.. just because that’s the day that we are all supposed to proclaim our love for our loved one? What about the rest of the 364 days in the year? That being said I’ll give you a few fun low key and fun ideas that you may be interested in trying out this year for your Valentine….

1. Pic-Nic! Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, some delicious cheese and crackers, a handful of  grapes and head on out on an evening picnic. Check out my list of favorite cheese if you are a little hesitant on which ones to pick!  (Being Swiss, I can guarantee you that I know my cheese and am quite the cheese connoisseur if I may say so;)

*All these cheeses are available at WholeFoods*
Truffle cheese (I’d recommend the cheddar with truffle somerdale england)
Morel and Leek Jack cheese
Cyprus grove humboldt fog goast milk cheese

How tempting does this cheese platter look? Check out http://www.sproutedkitchen.com/home/2011/8/11/a-summer-cheese-plate.html for some delicious ideas!!
How tempting does this cheese platter look? Check out http://www.sproutedkitchen.com/home/2011/8/11/a-summer-cheese-plate.html for some delicious ideas!!

2. Netflix and Popcorn! Yes, this seems like a very simple idea, but seriously what is more romantic than snuggling up with your loved one on the couch with a warm blanket and bowl of buttered popcorn and maybe a glass or two of Belgian hot chocolate?  Yes please!!!!

3. Board Games and dinner in front of the fire! When was the last time you and your loved one played a board game (scrabble anyone?!). Whip up an easy meal at home, maybe some pasta and a salad and then turn on your fire place, pop the bubbly and get the board games ready for some serious fun 🙂 ohhh, and don’t forget to buy some chocolate covered strawberries for desert! Or, if you are down to try a new chocolate,  I couldn’t recommend highly enough “Indulgence Chocolatiers” which I just recently discovered. Locally made in Wisconin and truly amazing. Try the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bar and the Crispy City Crunch bar. DELICIOUS.

This looks cozy :) Image courtesy of http://visitclarkstreet.com/noteworthy-pages-146.php?id=40
This looks cozy 🙂
Image courtesy of http://visitclarkstreet.com/noteworthy-pages-146.php?id=40

4. Sunrise and a hot tea! When was the last time you and your loved one made a point of waking up super early to watch the sunrise together? You could go for an early morning walk followed by a home made breakfast, or maybe you could snuggle together on the couch with a blanket and cup of hot tea or chocolate watching the sun light up the sky!


I’m not the biggest Valentines Day gift giver at all! In the past, my list of Valentines day gift ideas have included : Framed pictures, Spa Dates, chocolate packages and so on. If you are single, I think you should treat yourself to a special gift for you, to show how much You love YOURSELF 🙂

I’ve included a few pic’s of  gift ideas for all the single ladies out there! Spoil yourself, you deserve it!

I 'heart' me ring!  available at: http://www.lakaiser.com/collections/delicate-everyday-favorites/products/mini-heart-me-ring?variant=1010732653
I ‘heart’ me ring!
available at: http://www.lakaiser.com/collections/delicate-everyday-favorites/products/mini-heart-me-ring?variant=1010732653
Close to my Heart Necklace. Available at http://www.arielgordonjewelry.com/collections/necklaces/products/close-to-my-heart-necklace
Close to my Heart Necklace. Available at http://www.arielgordonjewelry.com/collections/necklaces/products/close-to-my-heart-necklace
Robert Coin Small 18kt Gold Heart Earstuds, available at http://www.betteridge.com/roberto-coin-small-18k-gold-heart-earstuds/p/5705/
Robert Coin Small 18kt Gold Heart Earstuds, available at http://www.betteridge.com/roberto-coin-small-18k-gold-heart-earstuds/p/5705/

Either way, I hope you all have a fabulous “VALENTINES DAY” loving yourself and loving your loved ones 🙂  ENJOY!


Croatian Island Hopping…

***5 nights in Dubrovnik***
***5 nights in Dubrovnik***

5 nights in the picturesque town of Dubrovnik is definitely enough time to soak in the sun, do a little island hopping between the Elafiti Islands (which stretch northwest of Dubrovnik, in the Adriatic Sea) and pretty much see all you need to see!

Highlights of the trip:
*8 hour private boat tour of the Elafiti Islands, which can be booked through this company :http://www.adriaticglobal.net/en/services/speed-boats.aspx I’d recommend doing a little research before going on the tour, depending on what exactly you’d like to see and how much time you want to spend on each island. If you are not particular about timing etc, there are also plenty of full day group tours (which cost a fraction of the price and are most likely just as good): http://www.viator.com/tours/Dubrovnik/Croatia-Elafiti-Islands-Cruise-from-Dubrovnik/d904-5360DBVCRUISE). The most advantageous part of the private tour was being able to stop at small, private and secluded little islands along the way without any other tourists in sight! We could then pull out our cooler box and have a glass of wine or snorkel along the shore in privacy, which was absolutely lovely. Swimming in the Blue Caves at Kolocep was definitely incredible too and personally my favorite part of the tour. The caves are not very big, but the experience of swimming into a very dark and inhabited cave is something very exhilarating and memorable. The water is illuminated inside with an electric, slightly eerie aqua light.

Just outside the Blue Caves
Just outside the Blue Caves

*Lopud island was absolutely gorgeous and definitely my favorite island out of the 3 Elafiti Islands. It’s also one of the few islands with sandy beaches and a lovely 19th century Gjorgic Mayneri Park, with is definitely worth checking out too!

Outside the Gjorgic Mayneri Park on Lopud Island
Outside the Gjorgic Mayneri Park on Lopud Island
Lopud Island
Lopud Island
Looking down on Lopud Island
Looking down on Lopud Island

*Jet Skiing and Tubing! Definitely take part in some water sports when you visit Dubrovnik as they are obviously one of the main activities on the island and well worth your time and money. If you absolutely LOVE jet-skiing and want to be very adventurous and explore some of the hidden islands on your own, I’d recommend renting a jet ski from Gari Transfers :http://garitransfer.com/category/jet-ski-dubrovnik/ as you can rent a jet ski for a half/full day for a VERY reasonable price, compared to what you will pay for only one hour at the resorts (typically around US$120).

*Indulge in a meal at Nautika Restaurant! http://www.nautikarestaurant.com/ View, food, atmosphere and service = AMAZING! Seriously, one of the best restaurants I have eaten at and definitely the most romantic restaurant I have ever been to 🙂 That said, this restaurant comes with a very heavy price tag… so be prepared!! (Don’t forget to make a reservation a few days before hand asking for a table with a prime view/location and if you only end up trying one thing – make sure you get the Lobster!)

Nautika Restaurant
Nautika Restaurant
Look at our dinner view! Simply breathtaking ;)
Perfect dinner view – Simply breathtaking 😉
A view of the Ancient Walls of Old Town behind me
A view of the Ancient Walls of Old Town behind me

*The view from our Hotel balcony..especially at sunset 🙂 If you are looking to stay in a nice hotel a little distance away from the hustle and bustle of Old Town, I’d highly recommend the Valamar President Hotel http://www.valamar.com/en/hotels-dubrovnik/valamar-dubrovnik-president-hotel The hotel is situated on the beachfront at the tip of the Babin Kuk peninsula. There is a bus which stops just outside the hotel and runs every 10 minutes to Old Town, so commuting is very easy and convenient (the bus ride takes about 15mins). The hotel itself is exquisite and very modern with a private beach and heaps of activities and amenities to keep everyone entertained.

View of the beach from our room
View of the beach from our room


View from our room at sunset :)
View from our room at sunset 🙂


Another simply gorgeous sunset:)
Another simply gorgeous sunset 🙂

*Spend a few minutes in the Dubrovnik Ice Bar in Old Town! http://www.dubrovnik.com/discover/events/970-ice-bar-onofrio If you have never been inside an Ice Bar, I’d recommend visiting this one just for the experience. There is an entrance fee of about 20USD which entitles you to one free drink of your choice and the loan of a warm over coat with a pair of gloves. It’s quite the novelty as you sip your drink from an ice cup whilst seated on frozen blocks of ice!! 20 minutes and I was out of there 😉

Inside the Ice Bar
Inside the Ice Bar

*Walking the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik in Old Town. This is a given and you will not regret the effort, just be sure to bring a bottle of water for the walk as it can get quite exhausting if it is hot outside:)

View from the Ancient City Walls of Dubrovnik
View from the Ancient City Walls of Dubrovnik


The Ancient Walls lit up at night time
The Ancient Walls lit up at night time

A few tips for you…..
*Bring a pair of SWIMS or some sort of water shoe as most of the beaches in Dubrovnik are rock/stone beaches and if you are planning on swimming a lot and exploring some of the shores of the little islands, you may need some protection for your feet.
*Bring casual clothes with you! No heels or designer clothing etc. Everyone is dressed very casually and laid back here as it is a beach town and not a very ‘Haute Couture’ one (compared to the Amalfi Coast!). However, make sure you pack all the clothes you need as it is very difficult to find clothing stores for some reason or another.
*Bring conditioner and hair products (if you need them!). Our hotel did not know what “conditioner” was and claimed that in Dubrovnik there is no such thing! Seems awfully weird, but I actually wasn’t able to find any so maybe it is true 😦
*If you are going to do a private tour of the Elafiti Islands, I would honestly recommend skipping out on the island of Sipan (it’s very small, not awfully attractive and nothing much going on!)
*Take a kayak up to Locrum Island. Unfortunately, we did not do this on our trip as we found out too late, but the island appears to have a fascinating history behind it.. apparently it’s cursed and no one is allowed to reside or own property on it. The skeletal remains of many dead humans have also been found on the island (so the locals say!)
*Every time we asked for a ‘meal recommendation’ at a restaurant we found that the waiter would just suggest the most expensive dish, so be careful asking for meal recommendations!
*Dubrovnik is not a cheap city and dining out can be quite expensive, especially in the Old Town.
*Take a stroll down the main road in Lapad (just a few minutes from the Old Town and Babin Kuk). This is more of a local spot with a ton of gorgeous restaurants and bars and the main road leads you down to a lovely little beachfront area. Restaurant prices are also more reasonable here!
*The local’s don’t seem to be the most friendly/welcoming of people I’ve come across (in my own personal opinion) and so asking for recommendations, directions etc can be a little challenging at times! But, who knows – you may have a different experience 😉 An absolutely lovely and charming town nonetheless 🙂